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House Painting Preparation - Old West Side

What They're Saying

When we renovated our current 1845 wood-frame farm house, Rob's Painting Service removed coats of paint from detailed door and window molding and painted the entire interior and exterior. It was a sizeable job, but they began and completed the job in their customarily timely manner. They work diligently with care to details. Rob has good ideas and innovative solutions to problems that often arise in the restoration of old houses. His prices are reasonable and fair and he always attaches receipts for materials to his itemized invoices.

John and Suzanne Devine, Ann Arbor

Residential House Painting Preparation

Preparation is 90% of any good house paint job. There is no exception to this.  We take pride in doing thorough  prep on every job we do, we want your home apinting job to last for many years after we leave.   A month long exterior paint job can be over three weeks of cleaning, scraping, sanding, priming and caulking. The painting normally only takes a few days.


Another important part of preparation is purchasing high quality materials such as caulk and primer. It's always a good idea to spend a little more on these items because if these fail the whole job fails.  Of course its important to use the best possible paint that you can afford but if the preparation isn't done right then it really doesn't matter.